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To manage your own stock portfolio is a stream of questions; to continuously answer “Why, What and When” is a process, Traders Alloy helps you to define and manage this process.

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Document the story behind your stock-pick

Store and review your analytical research in our notes system. The data is historical and only part of the whole picture. To understand the company and broader sector will help you identify future trends.


Separate the Wheat from the Chaff

All you need to know on nordic publicly traded companies. We offer access to fundamental data, annual and quarterly reports. All beautifully visualised.



Monitor your investment ideas before putting capital at risk. Our watchlist is feature-rich not the typical daily-price-change which is irrelevant to most trading and investing.

Key features

All in a flexible UX that can be tailored to your need


Surf complex data with ease


Fast access to annually and quarterly reports

Notes system

Store, update and review your research


Clever watch list that keeps track on the companies you find interesting

We help you be a better Analyst!

Have you ever considered what your returns would be if you followed all the best practice that you know? Traders Alloy help you with just that:

  • Intuative notes system
  • Watchlist
  • Visualised fundamentals
  • Flexible UX

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  • Access to fundamental data on nordic publicly traded companies
  • Save your research
  • Document your trades
  • Rich watchlist functionality
  • Alerts on technical indicators
  • Macro Insights
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Frequently Ask Questions

Do we offer investment advice?

No. We provide you with the necessary data, processes and tools to facilitate your investment thoughts but we won’t do the job for you.

Having taken some professional investment trading from old Wall Street Traders Andrew saw how his programming skills could be applied to the investment methodology in order to achieve clarity.

Andrew created a prototype and presented it to the Startup Wise Guys, one of Europes leading startup Accelerators. They thought Andrew´s prototype had legs and accepted him. However, they strongly advised Andrew to find a Co-Founder with a complimentary skill set. With 2 weeks until the start of Startup Wise Guys Fintech Accelerator Andrew bumped into Petter. Having been introduced to stocks at the age of 10 and being fascinated by data driven investment methodology Petter instantly saw the potential of Andrew’s concept. Two weeks later they found themselves in Riga embarking on the adventure of a lifetime…

We are currently looking in to possibilities of expanding the investment unviverse.

Please find answers to our most common issues in our knowledge base. If that is not sufficient please send an email to support@tradersalloy.com and we will get back to you as soon as we can.